July 12, 2024


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 15 Best Online Curtain Sellers – Mystery Shopping Your Way to the Perfect Window Treatments

The 15 best places to buy curtains online

Have you been feeling bored at home lately and feel like doing something that can help you take off the boredom? Have you noticed that something is a little bit off and needs a few changes in your home? Or have you noticed that the windows need a bit of a touch-up? No worries, you’ll find the solution to your boredom and your windows at the same time.


You can start browsing online for a good curtain that you can decorate your window. You can find a lot of curtains online, but you still want the best store that sells bespoke curtains. There are a lot of curtain shops available online. Here are the 15 best online curtain sellers.


Curtain Sellers


  1. Way fair


They are a retail giant when it comes to selling made-to-measure curtains online. They have thousands of curtains that are very highly rated.


  1. Anthropology


They may be a clothing store, but they have made-to-measure curtains, with aesthetics. It can be said to walk a line that is between being clean and kitsch. Their designs are also polarizing, that there is always a big chance for you to find something you like.


  1. Society6


They have a lot of really great designs and creative curtains like geometric patterns, animal designs, and many more. You have a lot of made-to-measure curtains to choose from.


  1. Home Depot


It is a place where you can find the things you are looking for if you’re doing some remodeling at your house. They have thousands and thousands of options when it comes to curtains and draperies, so there is no reason that you haven’t found the right curtain for your window.


  1. Pottery Barn

They have a good range of fabrics and a lot of designs that would fit most of the homeowner’s taste that they can use to design any room in their homes.


  1. Pottery Barn Teen


Their made-to-measure curtains are trendy and not just for teens despite the name of their store. Their curtain options may be limited compared to other stores, but the designs are good, and the quality can make up for that.


  1. Joss & Main


Each of their curtain styles always comes with a lot of color variety. It makes you find the design and the color that you are looking for. A lot of their made-to-measure curtains are best-reviewed, and most of them are in solid colors.


  1. Etsy


It is the place to go to if you want to look for a lot of designs for they offer a wide range of designs for their made-to-measure curtain. You can narrow down your options to something specific colors, patterns, and many more.


  1. Bed Bath & Beyond


Their website is easier to browse in looking for your made-to-measure curtains, for they have it all categorized that can be easily browsed by buyers. This way will be easier for buyers to find the design or any other qualities that they are looking for on their curtains.


  1. Walmart


They have a section that offers made-to-measure curtains for children’s bedrooms that your children can have fun choosing to decorate their rooms. Whether it be maritime dreams or princesses in their wonderful dresses, you can always be able to see something that your child would like when it comes to their curtains for their bedroom. This place also has curtains that are for adults so you won’t have to go far if you all need new curtains for your home.


  1. West Elm


They have a certain selection that is similar to Anthropologie and Pottery Barn. Their store is moderately simple for shoppers when it comes to choosing a solid color or whether you like patterned curtains. They also have great stand-out options that shoppers can browse if they caught their eye.


  1. Crate & Barrel


Their curtain designs are euro-chic. They have geometric patterns and other designs that shoppers can choose from.


  1. CB2


Their curtains have limited options and a lot of them came in bold colors. You can put this into consideration if you are looking for this kind of curtains.


  1. Kohl’s


They have different kinds of brands when it comes to curtains that sometimes are a big surprise. Their website is a bit hard to navigate so make sure that you have the things that you’re planning to get so it would be easier for you to find and check out your items.


  1. H&M


Their curtains are looking fine. Their price is also something that you’ll expect if you are buying anything from H&M.




Having a good variety of options can be a bit tiring but it can give you satisfaction once you find the right curtain that you are looking for. Each person has different tastes, and they will always look for different designs that they think are the best for their lovely homes. So, if ever you are bored, you can always try browsing online on what may catch your eyes, especially curtains that you can use to decorate your rooms and windows.


You don’t have to buy them immediately once you find the one for you. You can always put them down as your wish list for future reference. It may give you other designs that you can choose from once you have selected a wide variety of curtains to choose from. Good luck with choosing your new curtains!