April 13, 2024


Make Business Yours

Blizzard just delivered a masterclass in how not to announce a game

Those little question marks summed up how many of us felt watching the reveal stream of Hearthstone Mercenaries. (Image credit: Blizzard)

We’re all so used to immaculately produced videogame reveals that it’s actually shocking to witness a truly terrible one, and earlier this week, Blizzard put on a doozy in terms of how not to do it for the showcase of Hearthstone: Mercenaries. 

It’s the latest spin-off from what Blizzard now likes to call its card gaming “platform”, and the presentation did at least make the gameplay influences obvious: Pokémon-style damage matching, auto-battler elements familiar from Battlegrounds, and Slay the Spire’s roguelite structure. But thanks to near total information overload, and some incredibly questionable format choices, it’s safe to say that very few viewers emerged from the stream with anything like a clear sense of what Mercenaries is. The only message that was clear was that Blizzard would very much like us to pre-purchase Mercenaries right now.