December 2, 2023


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Cabinet Making Equipment

11 must-have cabinetmaking tools | WOOD Magazine

A Cabinet is an essential feature to have in your home or office. You’ll have a place to store or display your items safely. However, the cabinet-making process can be daunting, and you need the right tools and expertise.

Check out the cabinet-making equipment you need for your next project:

1. CNC machine

Cabinet making using a CNC machine is beneficial as it allows you to cut various materials such as plywood, chipboard, softwood, and more. You’ll need to equip the machine with the right tool, like Easel CNC Software, for faster and clean working.

The software enables you to automate the process for better accuracy and quality cuts. You can use it for slotting, engraving, and cutting various cabinet parts. Also, the machine is ideal for making frameless or framed cabinets and other ideal and modern cabinet features.

2. Clamps

A clamp is one of the handy tools in cabinet making. They assist you in holding materials together as you measure cuttings and join the components.

Clamps are of countless designs, and you can get them in your supply store. The various types include;

  • C-clamps- C-clamps are ideal for joining huge size ranges and various throat depths.
  • Pipe clamps-Pipe clamps have sizes ranging from short to longest rigid metal pipe.
  • Band clamps –These are ideal for assembling large structures like cabinet boxes because they make it easy to wrap and secure your job. They contain malleable fabric ratcheting clamp controls, which allow you to squeeze parts carefully.

3. Table saw

A table saw is a woodworking project’s heart. You’ll use it to cut it to make the activity safe. The machine is heavy and rigid and fits between table extensions. Modern table saws have safety devices, measures, guides, and controls.

4. Saw blades

High-quality saw blades are a handy tool for cabinet making. The sharp and precise saw blade is essential and will make all the difference in your task. You’ll get clean cuts without frays, making joining easy.

The tool is rewarding in terms of performance and efficiency. There are various types of saw blades, such as crosscut saw blades and Rip saw blades. 

5. Drilling Jig

A drilling jig is a must-have tool that helps you make reliable, accurate, and repeatable holes in the wood. They can serve as clamps to secure your work or guides to ensure you drill holes in the right position and with the right angle. The drilling jig can be adjustable, allowing you to customize it to fit your cabinet needs.

6. Scribe

Scribe is an essential cabinet-making equipment that lets you mark the wood or other materials. The clear patterns will enhance cutting, drilling, and other operations. When making a cabinet, you’ll use a scribe to trace and transfer irregular shapes, such as existing walls, to a new cabinet.

7. Drawer pull jig

Misplaced drawers will ruin your work as they are on the cabinet face. A drawer pull jig is easy to avoid the issue and maintain professionalism. Also, the tool will save you time during tedious pull attaching.


Successful cabinet-making depends on your choice of tools. With the right equipment, you will make a perfect cabinet that fits your needs. Therefore, acquire quality cabinet-making equipment, and get CNC software to ensure a smooth process and save time.