July 12, 2024


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Common Kitchen Utensils and Their Uses

Common Kitchen Utensils and Their Uses

These are the basic cooking and baking utensils that any aspiring baker and cook should have.

Pots: they are used for cooking food and boiling liquids on the stove top.

Sauce pans: making sauces and holding liquids. Heavy bottomed ones with pouring lips are preferable.

Knives: used for chopping, cutting,carving and filletting food.

Chopping board: used to place food items on while chopping or cutting so as to protect the work surface.

Mixing bowls: used to put ingredients in while combining them.

Baking dishes: used for baking puddings and casseroles in the oven.

Frying pan: used for frying food or sauteeing meat. Heavy bottomed one’s are preferable.

Collander: used for draining water from food. It could be nylon or metal meshing.

Electric/manual blender: used for grinding and pureeing food and vegetables.

Food thermometer: for taking temperature of meats, chocolate,water etc.

Measuring jug: for measuring liquids.It should be heat proof.

Grater: used for grating ginger, garlic, chocolate,cheese and citrus rinds. Four sided metallic ones are preferable.

Double boiler: used for delicate sauces, chocolate melting and generally melting stuff.

Bottle /can opener: for opening cans and bottles. It should be well mounted if possible.

Kitchen scales: for measuring food quantities. Should be either metric or imperial.

Microwave oven: used for quickly heating or melting food and frozen sauces.

Mortar and pestle: used for pounding food and crushing spices.

Kitchen timer: for accurate settings of cooking intervals.

Measuring cups and spoons: for measuring ingredients accurately.

Spatula: for lifting food from pans and also for scrapping food from pots, pans and bowls. It’s used for mixing ingredients together.

Kitchen scissors: for cutting through bone and meat.

Brush: for applying liquids such as egg, oil and sauces on food.

Piping bags: for piping cream, icing, potatoes etc.

Blender /liquidizer: used for finely grinding food and vegetables. It is used for making milk shakes and smoothies.

Grill: usually comes with the oven, but it can come separately. It is used to roast steaks, chops and sandwiches.

Seive: it is used for draining sauces.

Ladle: it’s used for fishing out soups.

Wire rack: it’s used to keep cakes, cookies, buns etc while they cool.

Scoop: for dishing out ice cream, potatoes etc.

Pressure cooker: used for cooking casseroles, stews, dumplings and basic stocks fast.

Pastry cutters: used for cutting and shaping pastry.

Other kitchen equipment include; freezer, food processor, ice cream maker, toaster coffee maker etc.