April 13, 2024


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How Can Short-Term Old Age Care Centres Be A Saviour?

Benefits and advantages of short stay for seniors at an assisted living  center - Athulya


If you have a senior member in the family and keep up with what’s going on in the senior care industry, you’ve probably heard about the trendy short-term care plan that has recently caught everyone’s attention. If you are unaware of its details, this post is ideal for you. Here, we’ll go through just what the concept of short-term care is and how it could benefit the elderly.

Who mainly needs short-term care?

Short-term care can be offered to seniors with various requirements, ranging from generally independent seniors who have been set back by sickness or accident to Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients who are already getting round-the-clock care. The unifying thread is that they all require compassionate, attentive care in a welcoming environment for a limited time.

Short-term residents benefit from engaging activities for connection, well-appointed amenities, a sense of security, and lovely communal areas, whether they come for a few months or just for the day.

The trained caregivers in luxury old age homes will help these seniors with prescriptions, toileting, bathing, exercising, eating, and other personal needs. Those with particular requirements, such as diabetes, arthritis, strokes, cancer, and palliative care, can get individualised care from a professional caregiver.

In addition to food preparation, cleaning and tidying up, and washing, short-term live-in carers will assist with any homemaking needs.

How long might a senior expect to be in short-term rehab?

It is difficult to pronounce the duration of stay for seniors who have been admitted to short-term care centres or rehabs. It all depends on the reasons – physical, psychological, and mostly medical, which determine the average time of their stay in the short-term care centres.

No one can estimate the time for which a person will be admitted to a short-term old age home or rehab. However, the objective is to get them fit and fine as soon as possible so that they can return to their life’s normalcy.

The length of stay in a short-term rehab program is impossible to predict. Certain orthopaedic surgeries may only require a few days of treatment, but a major cardiovascular incident may involve treatment for up to three months.

It’s possible that the seniors will be in short-term luxury old age homes when they realise they require long-term care and they use those short term stays as a method of preparation for their longer tenure at the luxury old age homes. 

What are the major benefits of short-term care?

A chance for a test run

It might be challenging to persuade elderly people to relocate to senior living facilities. Elders are frequently reluctant to depart the comfort of their homes, preferring to stay in a familiar setting. They must realise that assisted living facilities can provide them with the same comfort while also greater independence and dignity.

For elders, seeing is believing, regardless of what they do or say. As a result, it is preferable to enable seniors to reside in an assisted living facility for a short period to learn about the benefits and drawbacks. This is where short-term geriatric stays may be helpful as a trial run for seniors to realise the advantages of assisted living facilities.

Medical Rehabilitation

Short-term paid old age homes can help a senior individual heal from a broken bone, rehabilitate after surgery, or restore strength after an illness. If one of your loved ones has suffered a cerebral stroke at a very advanced age, it might be difficult for them to recover to their complete physical and psychological state before the attack.

They might have to learn to live with long-term physical restrictions – like loss of motor functions or neurological issues. In these cases, rehab therapy at a short-term old age home can help them recover or regain a portion of their physical independence and enjoy a better quality of life after returning home.

Even while the family is away, get constant attention

A family would always wish to look after its older members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, business obligations or personal reasons may require them to travel on vacations or tours. It might be a business conference, a training program, a visit to a family member, or a family event such as a wedding or engagement that they must attend. They can’t take the elder with them since they are too elderly or infirm to travel. They’re also resentful of leaving the senior alone and don’t want to bother the rest of the family. In this case, they can choose for senior short-term stays at assisted living facilities.

More relaxing than a hospital

Hospital settings are not quite preferred by the elders. The strictness of the doctors and nurses along with the antiseptic settings often put them off. The elders are typically ready to leave the antiseptic surroundings and return to the comforts of home after spending days to weeks in a hospital setting. Unfortunately, not getting enough rest might sabotage the healing process and they might have to spend longer time in the hospitals.

Short-term paid old age homes serve as a middleman. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with other people in community rooms and therapy groups, which is more pleasant than in a standard hospital setting. At the same time, the facility’s personnel handle a variety of routine chores, such as food preparation and hygiene. Seniors will be able to wear their clothes and bring a few personal belongings with them for fun. As a result, people can have complete individual autonomy while receiving care and comfort.

A safer option for the emergencies

Sudden situations, such as a flood or an outbreak, may occur, requiring the elderly to be kept secure. During such times, elders require particular attention. An assisted living facility is the only location where elders may receive expert care in total safety. Till such natural disasters or calamities have passed, seniors can use assisted living facilities for a limited time to fulfil their short-term geriatric stays.


You must have recognised how amazing the short-term care program may be based on the extensive list of benefits. For the elderlies, this is a life saviour. So, if you’re thinking of going to an old age home, consider short-term care programs.

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