May 27, 2024


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How to Hang Art and Paintings in a Tent at an Art Festival

To ensure a good looking display for your artwork you need to properly think of how you are going to hang your artwork. Whether it is in a home, a gallery or art festival the first thing you should consider is having your painting at eye level. What I mean is that the center of your painting or artwork should be at eye level when displaying inside a tent at an art festival.

Hang Art at eye level

No matter what size the artwork you’re going to hang it should be hung at eye level. If the painting is too big you may have to find a larger space or hang a smaller work of art.

Your art should never be below your knees or on the ground when hanging your art in a tent for an art festival. Customers can bend down to look at your work but you want to try to make it as easy as possible for the customer and have them to do less work as possible.

Have Space Between Each Artwork

Another, you want to think about the amount of space between your artwork and other objects. Sometimes when you have artwork close together it can look cluttered.

No matter how much artwork you have you don’t want to have artwork hung close together just to save space because it will be hard to see the artwork on its own unless you are grouping several pieces of artworks.

Grouping Your Artwork

A third way to make your space look aesthetically pleasing is grouping your artwork.

If the space is large or you have a series of three artwork, grouping them will be excellent for your space. The unique thing about grouping is that it can work as one work of art or as different entities as long as there is some similarities within each piece of work.

Grouping is also great if you have a lot of artwork and limited space within your tent. You can bring the artwork closer together and save some space for other artworks.

Use Proper Hanging Tools

Lastly, you definitely want to use the proper tools to hang your work. If you are hanging a painting, please use the proper wiring on the back of the painting, especially if it is a heavy painting with a frame. Always have a strong wire on the back along with hard strong hooks so the wire can attach to it easily.

There’s nothing worse than a painting falling or the wire coming a loose while on display. Believe me, I am talking from experience.

You want to be professional and seen as a professional artist, so it obvious to get the correct tools and use them correctly when hanging your art inside your tent. If you follow these simple tips you will be on your way to have a beautiful display inside your tent with artwork hung properly and correctly letting potential customers know that you are professional and ready for business.