March 1, 2024


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That’s ruff! How terribly drawn pet portraits are assisting abandoned animals in Guelph

They are not artists by any stretch of the creativity, but associates of the board of directors for the Guelph Humane Culture have been working with their drawing skills to put a smile on people’s faces.

Katie MacDonald and Alex Ciccone have been doing drawings of people’s animals in a humorous, mild-hearted fundraiser — aptly titled, Lousy Pet Portraits.

In between Aug. 4 and 27, persons can post a image of their pet online, and get a electronic copy of a hand-drawn portrait emailed back to them.

MacDonald said while she may perhaps have a PhD, her means to generate artwork is “extremely nominal.”

“As you can explain to, most of the creatures I am drawing really don’t really glance like the creatures that they are meant to seem like, but it can be been definitely fun,” MacDonald informed CBC K-W’s The Morning Version.

Sawyer and Daphne. Portrait drawn by Alex Ciccone. (Guelph Humane Culture)

MacDonald said she has been practising her drawing expertise at dwelling with her two-12 months-previous daughter.

“We attract plenty of Elmo [and] Cookie Monster and so I have got these kinds down, but the cats and puppies and hamsters we have been receiving have been a minor bit much more complicated,” she explained.

‘We’ve offered somebody pleasure in something so simple’

For MacDonald, noses are the toughest section of an animal to draw. 

“I have seriously messed up a number of noses on all sorts of creatures,” she reported.

But at the very least 1 of MacDonald’s drawings — that of a mini donkey called Bandit and a horse named Teddy — has elicited a great deal of feed-back.

“It was very amusing. Their operator … she in fact, on opening her pets’ portrait, believed that a little one and performed it,” MacDonald claimed. 

The Morning Version – K-W5:52Guelph Humane Society attracts on minimal artwork abilities for undesirable pet portrait fundraiser

The Guelph Humane Society’s board of directors has been tasked with drawing portraits from shots submitted by local pet homeowners. The results have been underwhelming, but hilarious. Alex Ciccone and Katie MacDonald explain to The Early morning Edition’s visitor host Jackie Sharkey. 5:52

“She claimed she laughed so challenging that her husband experienced to come into the area to see what was going on. So, which is very awesome feedback to listen to that we’ve offered another person pleasure in something so uncomplicated, so that was actually great.”

Meanwhile, prior to his freshly-found competencies as an artist, Ciccone mentioned the final time he took art was in all probability in Quality 7. 

“I did not do so properly,” he reported.

For Ciccone, drawing the faces of animals is the most complicated section.

Teddy and Bandit. Portrait drawn by Katie MacDonald. (Guelph Humane Society)

“If you will not set the lines in the proper place they glimpse way too human,” he mentioned.

Like MacDonald, Ciccone said, “The feed-back has been terrific.”

“I have been requested to signal one, which I’m not certain if it is a compliment or not but the feedback has been seriously fantastic and the community has truly, really liked these drawings, so it is wonderful that we’re ready to lift someone’s working day and make them truly chortle.”

The Guelph Humane Modern society stated all of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go immediately toward the animals they treatment for.