June 14, 2024


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The World’s Great Precious Metal Refiners

The World's Great Precious Metal Refiners | Bleyer Bullion

We’ve lived through some interesting times. If you’ve been watching precious metals, you will have noticed how close the price of gold and silver has been and this has been the best time to sell silver bullion to make money.

The price of silver has increased due to:

•             Trade war between the United States and China

•             Total military conflict in the Middle East

•             Low land for gold in India

•             The Federal Reserve’s outlook on interest rates

•             Conflict in North Korea

•             Chinese conflict over Taiwan

•             Corona virus

•             Russian invasion of Ukraine

•             Weak economic outlook in general

What’s next for Silver?

The unique qualities of silver make it important for many industrial products. It is easy to see how increased production would support the demand for silver. Industrial applications account for approximately 60% of global silver consumption. Notably, silver imports increased by 35% annually to about 225 million in 2018 in the country. However, some researchers are cautious because they do not have this same misconception. Silver mining has been declining since 2018. This may be due to the lack of new project development, reducing ore grade and reserves. Therefore, one can see that a shortage of silver may be near, which in turn will set the stage for the price of silver to rise in the end.

Precious metals that are made into bars, bullion coins and jewelry all come from special factories. It is in these factories that the ores are extracted from the original mined material and refined. Refiners use the ancient (but effective) light analysis method combined with advanced techniques to accurately determine the type of metal and produce gold that shines and the shiny silver coins we know and love.

A brilliant list

There are many precious metal factories all over the world, but only a select number are listed from the Authentic Gold and Silver Supply List. Established by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), this list identifies accredited gold and silver refineries. Each refinery undergoes a rigorous process that must be documented and must meet the highest standards of purity and extraction. Currently, there are 71 gold and 81 silver refiners, producing gold coins, Britannia silver and other precious metals.

World’s Most Expensive Metal Refinery

There are seven world-renowned factories that dominate all others.

Known as the heart of the gold industry, Switzerland is home to four out of seven refineries: PAMP, Valcambi (the largest, producing 1,600 tons of gold per year) and Argor-Heraeus are within the group kilometers. Metalor Technologies is also based in Switzerland, but in the other part of the country. Popular non-Swiss refineries are Heraeus in Germany, Tanaka in Japan and Rand Refinery in South Africa. Besides these independent mints, there are government mints known to produce the best bullion coins. You can always expect to find willing buyers if you have to sell silver bullion made by any of these refineries.

Regardless of their specific location, these factories are truly global – from a network of steel suppliers to customer centers – their capabilities and business are attracting international attention. For example, Valcambi is a Swiss company but was recently taken over by Indian businessman Rajesh Export.

The seven largest gold and silver refiners in the world:

•             PAMP, Switzerland

•             Valcambi, Switzerland

•             Argor-Heraeus, Switzerland

•             Metalor Technologies, Switzerland

•             Heraeus, Germany

•             Tanaka, Japan

•             Rand Refinery, South Africa

The Perth Mint in Australia is proudly listed on the LBMA. Although it is not known as one of the seven refineries in the world, it is a well-refined place.