May 19, 2024


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Tips to Buy a Commercial AC Unit

With the rise in startups and small/medium firms across the country, new infrastructures are being built, and real estate is getting expensive. And with the harsh weather over the last few years, these firms are now installing a commercial AC unit on each floor/office. If your management is thinking of purchasing a brand new AC unit for your firm, you must know that different types of AC units have various capacities. Hence, before buying an AC for your organisation, you need to understand a few things about commercial air conditioning units.

Big firms usually rely on different HVAC systems to control the temperature in the office/workspace. When it comes to AC units, you cannot just buy any kind of AC and expect it to work correctly. Every firm is different, and every location has a different climate; hence, you need a versatile AC unit that can effortlessly handle all the external and internal heat and cold.

This article will list the points you must focus on to get the best deal and best AC unit for your firm. 

Tips for choosing the best AC unit for your firm:

Understand the different types

There are two popular AC systems, from which you can choose one for your firm. One is packaged systems, and another one is heat pumps. But, what are they?

Packaged systems: The HVAC system has two units in one cabin, which gives you space efficiency and energy conservation. This system runs smoothly all year.

Heat pumps: This one works by circulating heat to minimise energy usage and keep everybody comfortable. The heat pumps cool the air and push the heat outside. How does it do that? It has geothermal heat systems that can offer superior cooling and heating efficiency.

Choose the right size.

Some think that buying a bigger commercial AC unit is a good idea. But, it is not. A unit that is too large will use more energy and can make the indoors more humid. These units are manufactured and designed to work in halls, big office spaces or plants. If you install it in your small office space, it will result in bad temperature management.

Reliability, air quality and efficiency

These three things are a must in an AC unit. If you need a reliable unit, you better choose a reputed brand, and you will not have to worry about efficiency. And for the air quality, ensure that the AC system has the minimum number of filters and the latest tech to kill all the pollutants/viruses/microbes instantly.

Consider the local climate.

When you are buying a commercial unit for your office, you must consider the local climate. In some cities or regions, the climate is sometimes extreme, and the standard AC unit might be unable to withstand the harsh environment. It may not give the proper temperature control. In that case, you need to consult an expert who can guide you through buying the proper AC unit for the particular region.

Check whether the AC is energy rating compliant.

Nowadays, governments and respective national institutions rate appliances according to their energy consumption so that people can buy better-rated products. Your AC unit will also have this rating, and the better the rating, more the price and the more efficiency/performance.

Follow these points for better temperature control and less energy consumption.